Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Timeless Classic

originally posted On August 8, 2008 4:25 am

I had therapy yesterday. RETAIL THERAPY! And I found the cutest little jacket, actually 3 of them...I have this obsession with jackets and the crazy thing is is that I live in TEXAS where we are in triple digit weather right now!!!! OMG! Before I get off track, I found this awesome silver trench coat complete with big buttons and a sweetheart neckline. It stops about 5 inches above my knees...anyway, I thought I would have to hang it up until the weather turned a little cooler until tonight; I put that bad boy into good use!I will go ahead and go on record as saying that every girl needs a cute little sexy trench coat in their wardrobe! I wrapped my body up in my new coat and showed up at the door of a "friend." He was surprised to see me shortly after he arrived home from his dinner program. He invited me in and asked to take my coat. I untied and unbuttoned it and let it fall open only to reveal the new matching lingerie I also bought while at therapy. I could tell he liked what he saw by the fact that his jaw had hit the floor and all he could do was stare. This is the exact look that I was hoping for. A little goes a long way. In perfect rhythm he scooped me up and took me to his bedroom.

I'll spare you the details even though I want to spill them in full!

He wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep. Somewhere around 3 AM I got up and left. Yes, you heard me correctly, I LEFT.

Dating Rule #1: Never stay the night. It will always make them want you more. I don't care if you are drunk or live far away, call a taxi, call a friend, whatever, always leave them wanting more. If you're still there, then write him a delicious little note. I left it next to the coffee pot where I prepared it to go off for him at 6:30 when he gets up. Trust me, he'll call.

IMHO, you're as sexy as you want to be. Always leave a little tease; he'll be calling you wanting more. Now, go make me proud! Enjoy.


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