Monday, April 20, 2009

Does It Get Any Better?

Originally posted August 29, 2008
Lori and I got out and went biking this morning. I wanted her to get out of her slight slump and take out some aggression. We biked through Highland Park and I insisted on biking by Mike Modano's house (love him!) a total 7 miles round trip which is good since it's already 93 degrees.I got back home and there was an envelope sitting on the front porch at my dad's house. In it was a note that said, "Because we didn't finish our night last night. Meet me by the pool at Dragonfly at 8. I heard the iced tea is to die for. I hope all is well with Lori. ~B" and a room key.

When I said I wanted romantic did I expect I would get this? Never in a million years! I am loving every minute of it...who wouldn't?

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