Monday, April 20, 2009

This is for you Dawn

Because I'm a girl....and a hopeless romantic.



  1. So often in life we imagine a life that is full of love and grace and passion and truth. The worry that we can't have the life we imagine forces us to teach ourselves to believe it isn't possible, that it only exists in movies. The thing is, someone writes those movies. Even in the harshest of times or in the face of those who tell you you're asking for too much, don't short change yourself. You're worth the risk!

    I love you Terri and well, we're sentimental so people like us HAVE to believe there's more ...

  2. Dawn,
    We want what takes our breath away. We long for the man to devote his life to us and forever go on a limb to fight to be with us and make us feel like a woman. We want that man to just consume every ounce of our kiss us without hesitation, to surprise us with the unimaginable. What we see in movies and read in books CAN be real, we just haven't found that person worth giving a chance to make it happen.
    I love you.