Thursday, April 23, 2009

Every Girl Wants...

To be kissed in the rain.

To slow dance (music optional).

To be a priority.

To take a romantic bath together.

To cuddle on the couch while watching a movie & take a nap together.

Little notes, text messages, calls, IM's, whatever, just some form of communication during the day letting her know that you're definitely thinking about her.

Rose petals leading to the bedroom.

Her hand to be held when you walk.

To be kissed on the tip of the nose.

You to whisper "I love you" in her ear at unexpected moments.

To be kissed passionately out of no where.

To be chased by the man she loves.

You to wipe away her tears and hold her tightly.

To be surprised with a trip.

To fall asleep in your arms.

You to bring her flowers for no apparent reason.

Your eyes to light up when she walks into the room.

To feel like she's the most important person in the world and you can't live without her.

To have an "our song."

To be the only one.

To stay in bed just a little longer than normal

You to make her laugh over nothing.

You to hold on to her just a little longer before she has to leave.

If you don't you may lose her to someone that will.



  1. I think "they" both know we're the gem they left on the table. Someone WILL come by and take much better care than they have.

  2. Search the whole world over and nothing will compare....Loneliness is the most destructive force to the soul, regardless if you're standing in a room full of people or not. The heart is the only true judge of fulfillment. When your glass is not filled, your soul is still lost and your heart is empty.