Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Diet Right

My latest diet is highly effective and highly NOT recommended! Due to high levels of stress I have lost about 12 lbs in 3 weeks. It never tends to be in the places that I want it to be, such is life.I hear my friends all say how much they want to lose weight. I read about the latest diets that all of "fitness America" seems to be trying these days. I say live life. Why keep yourself from eating what you want? Just go to the gym or go for a jog and work it off? There's nothing to go crazy about. There's also no need to be obsessed with what we put into our bodies. Dear God, life is entirely too short to freak about an awesome meal.

Now, if you're health is in jeopardy because of lack of exercise and stupidity about what goes into your body, then that's your fault. I hate to be brutally honest here, but seriously, you can't blame anyone but yourself. It's not attractive.

Since this is a forum about connecting with your sexy little self and getting what you deserve, then hop to it! If you get on the scale and you hate what it says then DO SOMETHING about it, but do it smart.

Love yourself. I do.


Stop the Madness!

This is a store with a California surf-lovin' lifestyle that would make the Beach Boys proud. Funny thing is is that the company headquarters is located in Ohio, far from California, and even farther from the Pacific Ocean according to my Virtual Earth map. There's a reason Hollister is called "Another 'it' place for teens" that's because it is just that, A PLACE FOR TEENS!!!! I can admit that I have shopped there, but the ONLY thing I have ever walked away with is a zip up hoodie. There's just something about a mom trying to look like the kids half my age. It doesn't bode well. I feel like I should be in there with my teenage son, but he's only 9 and I refuse to make him age that quickly.

So why do grown men feel the need to shop for too tight t-shirts and jeans from a store geared toward people half their age? Perhaps they're looking to cure their mid-life crisis or their need to try and look hot for someone....someone old enough to be their daughter? That's a crime, actually a double one. I can't tell you how many men and women I pass everyday that should be banned from shopping at this store. If I can see your belly button through your shirt, you need not wear it. If you're over the age of 20, you need not step through the doors unless you're with your teen.

Stop the madness and back away from the store. It's time for an intervention. Your friends will thank me.



Originally posted August 16, 12:30 PM

I'm here in Seattle and have been for the past few days. I'm packing my life up and moving back home. It's been extremely hard and I have found the alone time to be somewhat therapeutic. I've run about 6 miles the past 2 days. I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but if you know me, it's the last thing I should do since I've had 6 ACL reconstructive surgeries. I tend to run when I find myself getting angry and frustrated. I ran this morning when I first got up because I felt "lost." I try to make so much sense of my life as to why I let things effect me the way that I do. I worry about making the right decisions. I worry that I sacrifice my happiness for the happiness of others. I honestly do not believe that's the best or even right thing to do. I've been here 3 days and I've packed 3 boxes. (That's a box per day for all you math geniuses.) ;)

During this time here, I have realized some very important elements:

We need to face our demons. I'm not talking about the skeletons that we keep hidden in the closet, under the bed, and any extra storage space available. I'm talking about the demons that keep us from being who we truly are.

I have realized that once we admit to what those demons are we can then prioritize them and tackle them one at a time to get back that inner happiness and peace that we so long to return to. Is it hard? Absolutely! If it wasn't then nothing would haunt us. In order to face them though, you have to be vulnerable. Completely stripped of all security. Stop making excuses for the way things are, for your actions, for the choices you've made. Stop talking yourself out of that winning lottery ticket. Stop listening to others. Listen to your heart, it hasn't failed you yet. Take responsibility for the things you've done. Change the things you can change, and don't stress about the things that you cannot control.

Taking that first leap of faith is hard. You have to jump in with both feet at the same time. Join me, the water's warm. :) I jumped in a few days ago. It's been tough. It's been lonely, but it's been helpful in the healing process.

A few steps to take:
  • Prioritize
  • Set Goals
  • Follow through
  • Be open to change (even if it's uncomfortable)
  • Walk a fine line
  • Make good choices
  • Love yourself
  • Believe in yourself

Again, make no excuses, reasons, or whatever else as to why you have demons. Blame no one but yourself, you're the only person you can control. Accept yourself for who you are. Don't lose your self-worth. We are too precious to throw this out the window. It makes up the very essence of who each one of us truly is.

Only you will know when you have cast out that last demon. At that time you can cash in that winning lottery ticket. Then you may want to start cleaning out those skeletons...good lord, they're everywhere!

Good Luck.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Adventure

I'm posting a video and lyrics to one of the greatest songs. This song can make me stop dead in my tracks at times. It's pretty powerful on so many levels....

I wanna have the same last dream again,

the one where I wake up and I'm alive.

Just as the four walls close me within,

my eyes are opened up with pure sunlight.
I'm the first to know, my dearest friends,

even if your hope has burned with time,

anything that's dead shall be re-grown,

and your vicious pain, your warning sign,

you will be fine.

Hey, oh, here I am,

and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

Any type of love - it will be shown,

like every single tree reach for the sky.

If you're gonna fall, I'll let you know,

that I will pick you up like you for I.

I felt this thing,

I can't replace.

Where everyone was working for this goal.

Where all the children left without a trace,

only to come back, as pure as gold,

To recite this all.

Hey, oh, here I am,

and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

Tonight, hey, oh, here I am,

and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

Tonight, hey, oh, here I am,

and here we go, life's waiting to begin.

I cannot live, I can't breathe

unless you do this with me

I cannot live, I can't breathe

unless you do this with me

I cannot live, I can't breathe

unless you do this with me

I cannot live, I can't breathe

unless you do this with me

I cannot live, I can't breathe

unless you do this with me

I cannot live, I can't breathe

unless you do this with me

Hey, oh, here I am (do this with me),

and here we go, life's waiting to begin (do this with me).

Hey, oh, here I am (do this with me).

And here we go, life's waiting to begin,

life's waiting to begin

This is not the original video. YouTube will not let me embed it. Just play it.
It's an awesome Adventure...the best is yet to come. Trust me.


Don't Go Outside The Lines

WOW! What is it with some people? Do they seriously not care or just not own mirrors? I'm doing a little retail therapy today with one of my girlfriends when I started pointing out all of the mishaps...panty lines. My lord, some people need an intervention! Apparently not enough emphasis was placed on the importance of staying between the lines to some people. Do women keep those just-a-little-too-snug-but-I-plan-to-go-on-a-diet-and fit-back-into-them-one-day pants on purpose? If they're too tight then obviously we're going to see everything and I do mean everything! Honey, that's just not pretty, or tasteful, or anything positive. We don't need to see the wedgies as you walk and we don't need to see you fidgeting with it either. If you're pants are too tight, don't tell anyone, just respectfully put on a pair that naturally fit your figure and donate the others to a good cause. Be proud of who you are! Just think skinny!!!
For all of those wearing white...lets get one thing straight, this is something they never taught us in school, it's something I learned on the streets, and that is, you MUST wear undergarments the same color as your skin tone so we don't see them through your shirt or your pants!!! It's like wearing a hot pink bra under a white shirt...DON'T DO IT! It may be pretty, but we don't need to see it! A white bra under a white shirt is a No No!!!! You need to wear tan, brown, or black...they make them in every color, I promise!!! This is just a little helpful hint from me to you. Yes, YOU! Now go be pretty, but be mindful of where your lines are. :)


Dumb & Dumber

originally posted August 6, 2008 12:35 AM

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Make a Dumb Decision You will Most Likely Regret the Rest of Your Life

Dumb decisions. They are very human, very common and sometimes very costly. And we all make them. But do we resign ourselves to the fact that dumb decisions are a part of life?
If you think about it, 1 dumb decision could ruin your life.

Dumb rule #1: Make Big Decisions Impulsively

I'm not necessarily talking about buying that pair of shoes while you're out shopping unless it's a pair of Jimmy Choos and it's a choice between responsibility or fashion. It could be buying that 62" flat screen TV, or perhaps it's picking up your whole life and moving to another state for someone.

So make sure you don't ask for advice and you just rush up to the plate and pull the trigger, it's always worth your while.

Dumb Rule #2: Be Sure to Exaggerate the Stakes

When explaining your reasoning for making your dumb decision make sure you up one side of the factors and neglect all the others. Oh and make sure it's dramatic while you're at it.
Use absolutes such as "always, never, and every time."

FWIW, when you use absolutes, you're absolutely wrong. Drama queen.

Dumb Rule #3: Devalue yourself

Throw every sense of your self worth out the window. Stop being strong, stop being independent. People will enjoy you a helluva lot more like this.

Look, we all make dumb decisions. I, for one, just made a HUGE one. I sit and tell myself that if I didn't do it, then I would have always "wondered." That alone, most likely, would have eaten me up inside. In my justification, I wouldn't have met some of the world's greatest people, and it definitely wouldn't have let me see some people for who they really are. I also wouldn't have almost died in the river, but that's a different story for a different day.

We're going to make many more mistakes, but that doesn't mean you lose your self worth. You chalk it up to experience. You continue to be fearless and strong. If anyone wants to question you, you just let them know that YOU were in control, and you knew what you were doing the whole time. No one will ever know the wiser. ;) Oh and "never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted."

Are you done being dumb yet?


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You've Got A Friend In Me

Originally posted August 3, 2008 8:58 AM

OK, Listen up, and LISTEN UP GOOD. I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart and that's my girls.... We all have friends, it's part of the essence of life. We all have GOOD friends...you know, the ones that pick you up from the airport at 3 in the morning when your plane is 3 hours past due, the ones that let you sleep on their couch because going home is not an option, the ones that take you to lesbian bars so you don't have to deal with guys hitting on you, who pick up the phone at all hours to just listen, the ones that do retail therapy with you, and the ones that sit by the fire listening to your "story" while they make their husband make you breakfast at 6:30 AM on a Saturday. These girls are near and dear to my heart. Like I said, we all have them...BUT are they REALLY friends? Let me explain.

I don't have a
MySpace, but I do have a Facebook. My girlfriends allowed me to navigate through their Myspace pages for research. I think it's funny that people actually have mega-stars, B-class and even C-class stars as their "Top Friends." Seriously people, what dream world do you live in? I guess everyone's idea of a "Top Friend" is different than mine. I also see that many people have anywhere between 300-8000 friends. WOW!!!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had to keep up with that many people. Do people believe in cyberspace popularity?

Everyone needs a good friend. Even if it's just one. This friend will shoot it straight from the hip and not hold back. You can't get mad at this person because they are technically saving you from embarrassment, humiliation, social failure, perhaps even death....Have you ever asked someone, "Do I look fat in this outfit?" If they say yes, they're awesome! Why get angry? If you don't want to know, don't ask! They're just helping you out by letting you know that perhaps you need to change your clothes....or "to get on a scale and whatever the number reads subtract 25 from it." Friends don't let you buy bad clothes when you're shopping, let you wear your hair a certain way, or continue to date that loser. My close girls, (or "hookers" as my term of endearment for them) will always ask me, "Do you want to hear what you want to hear or what you need to hear." They'll tell me either/or depending on my emotional and mental state. In reality, I want them to alwa
ys tell me what I need to hear. I'm blunt and will tell you exactly how it is. I'm not a heartless bitch. I will always speak the truth in love. I will follow up bad news with something positive. It's how I am. As I'm writing this, my friend's son is sitting across the room on his laptop singing away when my ears start to bleed. I asked him to quiet down because I couldn't hear myself think. He says, "Some of my friends tell me I sing really well." I told him he needed new friends, but that he had good taste in music. I saved him from auditioning for American Idol and humiliation and saved myself from complete hearing loss. You're welcome.

What's that saying, "Hoes before bros?" Ummm, I don't think so. I don't know how many times I've told a girlfriend that it's OK that we break plans because an opportunity with a boy came up. Hello?? I'm not going to keep you from complete bliss! I can't fulfill that need for my girlfriends! So for all of you who are hurt when your girlfriend cancels plans with you for plans with a guy, don't take it personal, you're contributing to the success of her romantic tantric mantra. God Bless.

So let me wrap this up and bring it on home for you. When you and your crowd are sitting on the patio having dinner and drinks somewhere and you're sizing up everyone and commenting on their faults, make sure these girls will have the same guts to turn to you and to your face tell you the same. It's what matters most. It's those independent, strong, fearless girls that will weather every storm with you by your side. They're the ones that will be there for your 50th wedding anniversary making sure you look as radiant as the day you did when you went on your first date...the ones that said not to date the loser but you did anyway and it worked. Hey, I said to make sure you had friends that wouldn't be afraid to tell you like it is, I didn't say they were always right. ;)

The Over/Under Rule...

Originally posted August 1, 2008 6:35 PM

So I'm having lunch on the patio of a local restaurant with a few of my single girlfriends today discussing the big events leading me back to Texas when one of them pipes up with the "over/under" rule. In all of my innocence I was confused at what she was talking about since we weren't playing blackjack....Then it quickly hit me as the words were spilling out of her mouth, "To get over one guy you have to get under another one." Holy Whore, Batman! This is exactly what a certain ex-boyfriends best friend told me!!!! What is it with this advice? This is perhaps the 3rd time in so many days that someone has told me this. Is this what people actually do? Here is the innocent part in me...Sex is an emotional connection for me, not a physical fulfillment. Can someone tell me if I'm alone on this one? Apparently so because all of the girls agreed. Ladies...seriously, put down the margaritas!!!! Perhaps soon, I can take this advice, for now my stomach turns....BUT with staying with the bad girl guide, apparently this IS the way to get over an ex...after all, it is the way he got over me. Happy hunting ladies, play it safe.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Karma Truly Is A Bitch...And So Am I

Originally posted August 1, 2008 11:55 AM

…Or so I’ve been told.
I’ve experienced Karma first hand, and if you don’t believe in it like me, you may want to start…

Of course I have to input here that names have been changed to protect the innocent, but if they’re not really innocent do I have to? And who would really know if I didn’t change the names except for the players involved? Something to think about….I fell in love with this guy…I know, I know WTH???

We will all sometime in our life fall in love…or better yet, think we will. Hope perhaps? Well, I had the opportunity to actually experience this. I fell hard and fast. It was a whirlwind from the beginning. I was married, Chad was married and we eventually left our respective spouses for a chance to have a lifetime of total bliss. We completed each other. I thought I had found my soul mate. Every time Chad looked at me, my heart fluttered. His eyes lit up when I walked into the room and each time he kissed me, I got goose bumps. I remember as a little girl being told that you know you’re in love when the other person has all of these effects on you. I never thought it was possible because it had never happened in all of my 34 years of living, until Chad came along. The moment I laid eyes on Chad at the airport, my heart did a complete flip flop and it took everything I had to not jump into his arms right then and there. I can go on and tell you about the whole wild ride, and believe me I will divulge excerpts throughout this blog, so you’ll just have to keep reading…but for now, I will just say that what comes around goes around….Karma. Since I figured we had always claimed we had found “our last love” there would be no chance of anything else. Apparently “na├»ve” is written across my forehead even though I can’t see it when I look in the mirror. Chad and I recently ended our relationship…actually 2 weeks ago to be exact. He said I needed to get my life together which apparently is code for “this girl pinged me online and instead of telling her I had a girlfriend, I pinged back and a sexually provocative online chat ensued.” Yeah, so he ends it with me and immediately hooks up with Kelly on a business trip to San Francisco…. Nice. When I found out and confronted him, of course, he denied it. After much persistence on my part, he finally divulged that she was not the only one throughout our relationship. Even better. I was told that it was never when we were together, always when we were on a “break.”

Does anyone besides me hear Ross Gellar in the back of their heads?

Does it really matter if we were on a break? Our breaks were just a week here and there. Apparently long enough to go on a trip and screw a few girls. The funny thing about all of this is that the good ole Internet is exactly how Chad and I started communicating. MySpace to be exact. Then we began emailing, IM’ing, texting, than phone calls. 2 months later we were standing face to face at the airport I mentioned earlier. Let me back up a second here and tell you that we actually went to high school 17 years ago….Long story for a different blog post on a different day. I guess since I cheated on my husband, I deserved this. It came around and bit me back. The funny thing is I had lunch with my ex-husband, Doug, today. We’re still very good friends and have no problem discussing uncomfortable situations. Doug guessed all of the emotions I went through when I found out about the cheating almost to a tee. When my eyes filled up with tears, he just put his arm around me in that brotherly kind of way and told me that he was sorry and asked me if I wanted to have sex. I’M KIDDING!!!!! I’m just making sure you were still paying attention!!!! Seriously, he said time will heal and that it’s hard. I remember getting this same talk from my mom after my very first boyfriend dumped me for another cheerleader in the 7th grade, thanks Michael W. I need to focus… anyway, he offered his support with an added, “It wasn't too long ago I was in your shoes” and a wink. Smartass, but appreciated. A year and a half ago I put him right where I am standing now. Now I know what Chad’s wife went through and I feel awful. I have had to stop myself from picking up the phone to call and apologize to her. I should have known when he finally told me I wasn’t the first one he cheated on his wife with…I was just the one he fell in love with. As sadly as this sounds, and after all of the heartache over the past year and half, I wouldn’t have changed anything. No regrets. He has since moved on to greener pastures….Applications anyone?


Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Only The Beginning

NOTE: Originally posted August 1, 2008 at 10:45 AM

Welcome to my blog. So technically this is just a "space" for me to let out my daily thoughts and feelings on the latest "gossip" on how to take control of your life. This is a collaborative project through my girlfriends backed by me. I like to write creatively so I will interject with some of that also. Ideas and thoughts are appreciated at anytime!!! Enjoy! Let me start by telling you a little about me:

First and foremost, I’m from Texas. While I may look like just an ordinary girl, I’m actually quite the opposite. Instead of playing with dolls and having tea parties, I grew up playing football in the yard with my 2 older brothers and all of the other boys in the neighborhood…where were all of the girls???? I focused on sports like softball, swimming, volleyball, and cheerleading. I can pretty much talk most sports with the guys...even though "I'm a chic." It's quite impressive. The more intense and challenging an activity is the more I like it. I’m always up for trying something new and I’m never afraid of failure. To finally get things right you have to be able to get things wrong…a lot. Believe me, I know this all too well lately! Now, here are some random facts…just in case you were wondering:

  • I'm a die hard Cowboys fan and, no, Terrell Owens is not too sensitive.
  • Chick Fil A breakfast burritos are the greatest cure after a long night.
  • Chips and salsa can actually be a meal.
  • Sonic Happy Hour was the greatest idea EVER!
  • I owe so much of who I am to my kids.
  • My friends will agree that I tend to be blunt, and that sarcasm is my second language.
  • I trust too easily.
  • Smiling and laughing come easily to me.
  • I love college football over professional football. I think players in college play because they love the sport not for the love of the money.
  • If you’re feeling down the answer is always chocolate...ok...and alcohol, they're foolproof.
  • Music is my favorite escape. It’s associated with so many memories and it allows me to put situations in perspective.

So, to sum up all that I’ve shared, I’m very fortunate with the life I lead. I look forward to learning as much as possible from those I come into contact everyday…
Bear with me since this is new to me and I’m only beginning. I have a lot to express….Enjoy!


I'm Back!!!

A lot of you have asked where my blog went and why I haven't picked it back up to continue writing. I've been busy, which is, by far, the worst excuse ever. All I can say is that I missed it. I am going to re-post a lot of my old blogs so be patient. It will catch a lot of the new readers up to date as far as what has transpired in the past 12 months of my life. Fun Times. I look forward to continue to write. I'm open to all sorts of thoughts and ideas so feel free to ping me. Some days I will just write what is on my mind and probably yours, it's just that I'm the one who actually says it. :)

This was originally a blog titled "A Good Girl's Guide to Being Bad." It wasn't that I was condoning people to do bad things or act inappropriately. We are all adults and therefore, can make grown up decisions. I share some deep dark secrets that I am not proud of, but hope someone can relate and not have to go through some of the same things I have. I also am not afraid to speak my mind. If you don't like what you read, then stop reading.
I have had women tell me that they completely relate to some of my writings and have bettered their relationships to some of my thoughts and ideas.
I would also like to point out that some of my writings are completely fiction...Just something to write and you to read. Thanks for stopping by.