Friday, April 17, 2009

Get Away

Originally posted August 11, 2008 7:20 PM

There are times in your life when getting away is essential. I'm not talking about just taking a quick vacation, because you truly don't always get "away." I went to Mexico with my dad and my aunt back in April and I still took my computer. I blogged everyday about what went on. I even wrote a VERY provocative story that maybe one day I will post and let you read. It's HOT. I have a girlfriend that admitted to me that when she goes to Hawaii with her husband, she still checks her email on her phone when her husband goes in to take a shower! She works for Microsoft, but no job is that important to not get away once in awhile.
I got away on Friday and literally walked away from my cell phone, my computer, and even the TV. If only the kids could've stayed.....Nah! That would have been too easy. :) When you get out to the lake do you really need these items even if you did get connection? Not if you were with a delicious someone like I was. Remember the trench coat story a few days ago??? Well, like I predicted, he called....and invited me to his lake house. My kids, his kids, one big happy family. Not romantic enough for you??? I beg to differ.

When a boy wants you, he truly wants you. He makes it hard to keep his hands off you while the kids are around. There are a lot of group hugs so that he can just touch me. It's the subtle touches that make my heart flutter and want to rip his clothes off even more. While passing each other while I am making dinner he will drop his hand and let it graze across my hips as he passes by me on the way to the refrigerator. He pulls the hair out of my eyes and places it behind my ear because he thinks it's bothering me. He rests his foot on top of mine under the table while we eat dinner. The best is his way to sneak a kiss to the back of my neck while he stands behind me helping me wash the dishes while the kids play by the water during those last moments of sunlight. I also play a little part in this to help move things along....You know, not making my life vest tight enough so that he has to do it for me, forgetting a towel while I'm in the shower and he has to bring one to me....this one was a favorite. Of course he did the occasional untying of my swimsuit as he walked by me on the boat. That only made the kids laugh and try it themselves...

Sometimes you can just see it in the way he looks at you no matter where you are, what you are doing, or what you look like.

Because there was no form of communication to bother or distract us all weekend long, we were able to concentrate on our kids and each other. It was awesome.

Romantic is sitting on the deck in a swing looking at the stars on a warm Texa s night with my head in his lap while he just runs his fingers through my hair. It's late and all of the kids are down for the night. He makes me seem like I am the only one around. While although this is where he could have ripped my clothes off and thrown me down right there on the dock, he wanted nothing more than to just sit and talk and gently touch me. Okay, okay, so it wasn't until after midnight that he led me to the end of the pier and made love to me. I knew it would eventually happen; I just had to be patient. :)


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