Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Morning!!!!!

originally posted August 27, 2008

"Still at home being lazy....u should be here giving me a reason to not go to work today," lit up my phone as I was driving the kids to school this morning. An instant smile spread across my face. I wrote back, "In school zone...are you trying to get me a ticket?" (You can't be on your phone talking or texting in a school zone in the great state of Texas....big, big, fines...HUGE!) "Then you better hurry your ass over here....I'll be waiting under the sheets." MmMmMmMm delectable. Funny thing is I was extremely tired this morning staying up late chatting with friends in the West. I quickly showered, threw on a little sundress, a little mascara, pulled my hair up in a clip with my side swept drama bangs tucked neatly behind my ear. A quick glance over in the mirror got my approval. I looked cute enough to meet one of my girlfriends out for lunch, but I never expected THIS!!! "Dropping the kids off at school, be there in a few." OMG!!! I haven't seen Brandon since he kissed me on the lips late Saturday evening standing in the rain. We've spoken daily since, but it's been chaotic with both of our kids having started school this week. We have plans to meet up Thursday evening after Curriculum night and a PTA meeting (isn't life sexy?) So we'll be a little late to the Cowboy game....if we make it at all! :) There's been something about this boy that has kept me smiling since I have been home.

Focus, T, Focus...

So away I went after I dropped the boys off to their respective classrooms and took care of some more paperwork in the office. A slight nod and gracious smile from the dad that walked into the office and stood behind me. I was practically skipping to the car!

I slipped into Brandon's house quietly and made my way back to his bedroom where I found him nestled under a sheet covering just enough to know what was there. He was on his back propped up on some pillows. I could see the outline of his obliques relaxed just lying there, and he had his laptop open next to him on the bed. "You better not be working." I said as I approached the bed. He slipped his left hand up the back of my dress and rubbed my leg all the way up to my lower back, "No panties?" Before I could answer he pulled me to him on the bed. He kissed me as I stabilized myself over him, his hand still up my dress. He rolled me over pulling the sheet out from between us. He sat back to look at me. He smiled as he pulled my dress up over my head. He took a long look at me from head to toe, "Beautiful." He grabbed my hands and held them above my head on the pillows as he leaned in and began kissing my neck. I turned my head so it could easily be achieved. After a few moments, I turned to look at him as he looked back and smiled then gently kissed my lips again as he lowered his body on top of mine....

Again, the beautiful moments that followed are genuinely mine. I'll let the details dance in your imagination. I will tell you that this boy has toe curling capabilities....

What a way to start my day!


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