Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Back!!!

A lot of you have asked where my blog went and why I haven't picked it back up to continue writing. I've been busy, which is, by far, the worst excuse ever. All I can say is that I missed it. I am going to re-post a lot of my old blogs so be patient. It will catch a lot of the new readers up to date as far as what has transpired in the past 12 months of my life. Fun Times. I look forward to continue to write. I'm open to all sorts of thoughts and ideas so feel free to ping me. Some days I will just write what is on my mind and probably yours, it's just that I'm the one who actually says it. :)

This was originally a blog titled "A Good Girl's Guide to Being Bad." It wasn't that I was condoning people to do bad things or act inappropriately. We are all adults and therefore, can make grown up decisions. I share some deep dark secrets that I am not proud of, but hope someone can relate and not have to go through some of the same things I have. I also am not afraid to speak my mind. If you don't like what you read, then stop reading.
I have had women tell me that they completely relate to some of my writings and have bettered their relationships to some of my thoughts and ideas.
I would also like to point out that some of my writings are completely fiction...Just something to write and you to read. Thanks for stopping by.

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