Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't Go Outside The Lines

WOW! What is it with some people? Do they seriously not care or just not own mirrors? I'm doing a little retail therapy today with one of my girlfriends when I started pointing out all of the mishaps...panty lines. My lord, some people need an intervention! Apparently not enough emphasis was placed on the importance of staying between the lines to some people. Do women keep those just-a-little-too-snug-but-I-plan-to-go-on-a-diet-and fit-back-into-them-one-day pants on purpose? If they're too tight then obviously we're going to see everything and I do mean everything! Honey, that's just not pretty, or tasteful, or anything positive. We don't need to see the wedgies as you walk and we don't need to see you fidgeting with it either. If you're pants are too tight, don't tell anyone, just respectfully put on a pair that naturally fit your figure and donate the others to a good cause. Be proud of who you are! Just think skinny!!!
For all of those wearing white...lets get one thing straight, this is something they never taught us in school, it's something I learned on the streets, and that is, you MUST wear undergarments the same color as your skin tone so we don't see them through your shirt or your pants!!! It's like wearing a hot pink bra under a white shirt...DON'T DO IT! It may be pretty, but we don't need to see it! A white bra under a white shirt is a No No!!!! You need to wear tan, brown, or black...they make them in every color, I promise!!! This is just a little helpful hint from me to you. Yes, YOU! Now go be pretty, but be mindful of where your lines are. :)


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