Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Next?

One of my favorite feeds that I read daily is from HGTV.  I get a kick out of the designers thoughts of what THEY think is awesome and what I think is dreadful.  I'm most in awe of big, workable kitchens that I can spend days making donuts and consuming alcohol in a very hip manner. I really enjoy most of what they share with them real big, pertty pictures and all....until TODAY.  First I'm going to show you the picture which was almost the first thing they showed.  Then, I'm going to tear it apart dissect it....

"I love the whimsical, yet modern feel for these indoor swings" ~Kayla

Really, Kayla? 

First, If I'm going to put a swing in my bedroom, it's not THIS kind.  It's one my boys can't see until they're 28 or on their wedding night, whichever comes first.

The REAL problem here is the decorating in this country monstrosity, not the swing.  The ONLY good thing about the swing is that it kinda covers up the other crap in the room and maybe that was Kayla's point, but I didn't read any further because I had to clean up the vomit on my laptop, sorry small family.

I hated that the brick wall was painted white and not left the original color.  My eyes were fixated on that brick wall, wondering what color the original was and my eyes jumped out of my head when they found the Brady Bunch wall paper to the left.  All I could think of was Marcia brushing her hair 100 times in her room with this same (looking) wallpaper.  It's hideous.  Maybe this is grandma's room, but then why would grandma still have the My Little Pony collection above the bed? She was way too old for that mess.

The bed looks rock hard, actually I'm thinking it's a table since they covered it with a picnic tablecloth.  Perhaps they're trying to keep with the country theme?  Then why the Frankie Goes To Hollywood coverings for the swing pillows?

None of the furniture remotely matches in style or color and that bothers me. The only things that interested me was the shag rug and it looks like the hardwood floors are originals from way back.  It's a shame that they have this other crap to offset them.

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