Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here I Go Again

It has been awhile since I've written and at times I thought my fingertips would fall off due to the lack of typing. I started a quote of the day, but realized how much work went into searching for the right quote for the particular day and finding a picture to go with it was extremely time consuming and I think their were days that Huck and the boys didn't see me at all, and if they did they usually asked something about the last time I showered....

Anyway, I would comprise a month at a time which is hard when there are so many shiny objects to distract me including the kitchen that actually calls my name when it's not even time to eat. I became so lenient on those quotes to publish daily ON TOP OF my incessant rambling that I actually got away from typing the thoughts in my head and lucky for Huck, he was only privileged to hear that information. I wanted to post, but quickly relied on those stupid quotes until one day I realized they weren't coming through and after a small investigation discovered that half of last months quotes were just saved and never published in their daily time slot appropriately.

OMG, the horrors that went through my head! My physician was the only one that could remove me from that special place where butterflies actually talk to me.

I decided right then and there that I wouldn't post quotes anymore making me actually write.... and 20 days later here I am!

oi vey. You would think since I quit my job that I would have all of this time to write.


I'm on the computer everyday and at one point thought I found the end of the Internet and I was so excited to let you know, but alas, my router went out and I lost a day putting me farther away to finding the end. So now that I am back, Huck is getting a mini-vacation.

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