Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's All Fun & Games 'Til....

I love games. I get into trouble for being on the computer or my phone for playing games. I love the type of games that make me think. I could spend hours upon hours playing Sudoku and often do. Don't get me started on the Facebook games, you know the word one, the brain one, and the geography one. Someone last year got me a collection of "brain games" to go onto my computer. It's the lamest thing Microsoft has ever "invented." One of the games is trying to spot all of the differences between the 2 pictures. OK, Can I tell you how much of a whiz I am at that game? I started at a young age while sitting in the doctor's office reading the "Highlights" magazine. That's when I became master of that there domain. This software is so lame that I can tell you that I get more excitement from the "spot the difference" in People Magazine that I pick up weekly. Now, I'm not the geeky gamer, and that's not a cut down to the nerd herd. I figured my kids are well on their way to becoming gamers. A bunch of us went to play Laser Tag for Jake's birthday and I can tell you that out of the 13 of us that went, my 8 year old ended up with the high score. Guess who I am going to pick to be on my team when we are at war? Get that kid a real gun for Christmas! E, if you're reading this, act surprised on Christmas Day. xoxo
Anyway, we had a team get together at one of our colleagues house to celebrate the holidays. We, of course, had the white elephant gift exchange. Everyone was talking about how you want to be number 1 so that way you get to pick your gift and take someone else's when someone picks yours, etc. We all know how this is played. It's usually high excitement even though I usually get stuck with something lame. This year was no exception. Guess who drew #1? That's right, ME!!!! I was so excited to pick and someone steal my gift so I could pick again. Repeat 3 times. Nope. I picked a gift that I thought I would like and get to keep. It was wrapped all pretty in metallic blue paper and had an "Ernies Games" ribbon on it. A new GAME FOR ME! I unwrap it, it's quiet, all eyes are on my gift to see if it's something they want to steal. It's some game called Fluxx. I think it's one of those games like Scene-It where you have the original then you have a million "themed" versions. I guess Fluxx is supposed to be pretty fun.....except MY version. My version is called Stoner Fluxx. That's right, the toking kind. This is the prude side of me that has never touched an illegal substance in my life. And for all of those that want to comment how it's legal in certain locations or for medicinal reasons, I can still tell you that that's great for those that need it or live in those locations, but I still haven't touched it and have no desire because I am 36...and have a life. So there I sit holding my game practically begging for someone to take it. I successfully got to bring it home with me. I'm thinking I can regift it for next year and indiscriminately hide it so no one knows who brought it. I'm hoping it's a church function too. That's my idea anyway. Apparently Huck has a better one when I walked in and saw him trying to open it! WTH??? He said he wanted to read what the cards say on them. I'm all, You can see the 4 examples they have nicely referenced on the back, you don't need to revisit your baking days. And he's all, Regifter!!! I think I'm pretty witty and have a great sense of humor, but I think something like this screams "Hey come look at my meth lab I built in my bathroom, bring your extra sudafed!" Just sayin'.

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