Friday, December 4, 2009

A List of Things I Need to Get Done But I'm Stressed Out and I Didn't Fill My A.D.D. Meds Today Because I Was Distracted

Get my eyebrows waxed. They are starting to grab hold of strangers.

Plan Jake's birthday party for this weekend since his birthday was LAST Monday. I know, MOM OF THE YEAR.

Shred the stack of bills on my desk. I will think about paying them later.

Clean the house before Huck returns from Thailand so that he can't tell that I threw raging parties while he's been away for 18 days.

Fill A.D.D. medication. Perhaps then my list will get done.

Finish writing the post on the women who have influenced my life. The wine kicked my ass and I lost my thought. Perhaps it was just the fact that I couldn't see the keyboard anymore through the tears.

Buy my ticket to Dallas for Christmas and my ticket to Scotland for New Years. I should probably request those days off as well. Add that to my list.

Paint the gameroom so that Huck can't tell me no before I start. Because I know he won't repaint it. I hope he likes Pink!

Shave my legs since I went on an 18 day hiatus to protest Huck traveling to Thailand. At least I'm warm.

Proposals, Proposals, Proposals. I don't mean the one where someone gets down on their knee and presents a ring and a lame ass monologue that should be saved for the wedding vows when you can never think of something to say. I mean the ones for work whereas I will keep my little boss happy and keep my job for another day.




Post this 3 weeks late because, again, I forgot to fill my A.D.D. meds a LONG time ago.


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