Friday, May 1, 2009

Go It Alone

I had such a hard time when I turned 30. There was something about leaving the comfort of my free-loving 20’s that scared the hell out of me. I am so thankful I am not in my 20’s any longer! What is it about those girls that still act like they are reliving their high school days???

I was at an event tonight where there were about 50 beautiful women, most of them in their 20’s. There were just a handful of us that were in our 30’s and you could pretty much pick us out.

I have to go on record and say that Texas has to have some of the most beautiful women out there. On occasion I have had men tell me this very statement as I have traveled the US. I have no idea what the Beach Boys, and later by David Lee Roth, was talking about! I digress.

So I’m at this event…..and a few “recently made popular” boys walk into the room and you would have thought that they were the Jonas Brothers. OK, so maybe not that young, but most of the girls started getting giddy and lost their sense of mind! WTH is wrong with you? That stupid, naive, blonde act will only get you so far. I am hoping the guys were not impressed by all of the stupid behavior, but were probably eating up the attention nonetheless. Who wouldn’t?

So I sit back with a couple of cute girls I had just met. We clicked right away because they were just like me; brass, independent, and confident as hell. It also helps that they live right by me in Grapevine! Yeah Baby!!! We were discussing that had we been in an appropriate setting, we would have had to let some of the girls know that their “styles” needed some help. I’m way off track.

I’m standing there and ask one of my new girls where the restroom was. Out of nowhere this high pitch resonating noise piped up, “I’ll go with you!!!!” “Um, no you don’t have to, I can do it alone.” I think I said this with a pretty disgusted look on my face. “OMG I have to go too, let’s go together!” Someone please shoot me in the head is all I could think of as she grabbed my arm. When is the appropriate time in your life when women do not have to go to the bathroom together? Seriously? I can understand meeting a girl in the bathroom to give her some desperate piece of information before continuing on with her evening, but other than that, lock it up.
Here’s my advice to you, ladies:

• Don’t act like idiots when a boy walks into the room.
• Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
• Learn to go to the bathroom without your entourage.
• Be confident.

Otherwise someone is going to have to take away my gun. And, of course, I mean this in the most loving manner.

Good night, my pretties.


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