Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The End Of This Journey

Dear Jake,

Today is your last day of elementary school. You have come a VERY long 6 years in school as you embark on your next adventure: MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Oh, how I can look back on your days as a Kindergartner and remember the trials and tribulations, the fights on how and why school was important and that you still had 16 more years left so you better start liking it NOW.  I remember how we practiced spelling words in the car on the way to school K-3rd grade.  How we fought over wearing the school uniform because that's what private school kids wear.  How you thought I was the coolest mom ever for suggesting they implement "Dollar Day" a couple of times a month so that you could wear regular clothes on those designated days for a mere buck.  How now you ask ME not to wear specific clothes as to not embarrass you in front of your friends, but little do you know that kissing you and saying specific things out loud is really all it takes, not wearing cowboy boots with my dresses. 

Homework was never fun for me as I can now say that I am Valedictorian of K-5th grade and I finally mastered fractions.  I know, Huck, "mastered" is quite the stretch.  The papers and projects are too numerous to count, but I'm glad WE got good grades on all of them.  It was only when the light bulb went off in your head that you enjoyed certain aspects of homework because they were easy and quick to accomplish. Showing your work is not your forte and the countless hours we have fought over why will one day be the nemesis with YOUR child. 

You are a strong young man as you weathered a couple of new schools and went through some major life changing events.  I couldn't be more proud of how you handled them and you kept going unlike me and the worry that I continue to carry for you and E. 
You learned that being suspended from school was more embarrassing then anything, and that the 5th grade "video" was not as terrifying as you first thought.  You have figured out that girls in 1st grade kick you only because they like you and as they get older they don't do it as much. And friends are friends forever through the powers of Facebook.

I can already hear the fears of middle school: School dances where I may be a chaperon just so I can shake my groove thang, HOMEWORK, showering after PE in front of others, HOMEWORK, algebra, girls, friends that were your friends in elementary school are now friends with other kids, you don't want the notes that I write in your lunch bag anymore, and more HOMEWORK.

All of this has taught me my own life lessons...buy stock in erasers, plant more trees for paper, and that our teachers are clearly not paid enough money to put up with everything.

Enjoy your summer.



5th Grade

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