Monday, January 4, 2010

Recommended Reading

Holy New Year's Resolutions! I haven't made any yet. I'm really trying to find some very personal issues that I will make myself strive to accomplish. Last year I made a resolution to read a new book every month. During hectic months I no more than even touched a book except to dust underneath it. But I read four over the holidays. It doesn't go towards my "12." So I FAILED. W.T.F? Huck and I have started a new competition. Remember the last time we had a competition? I WON. I will say it again unless you didn't hear me the first time, I WON BITCHES! I hate to lose. So I took him up on that there little competition invite. We will see who reads the most books in 2010. Of course he is giving me grief over the book I had already started and was a mere 40 pages into on the 340 page book. "It doesn't count." Someone is VERY SCARED. Fine. I will still beat your ass regardless of your stupid rules. So in light of the competition, I have listed a few books I recommend for flirty, fun reading. My suggestion to get started? Half Price Books or Amazon.
11. The F-Word by Jesse Sheidlower and Lewis Black
Happy Reading!

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