Monday, January 25, 2010

Four Square

Want to play a new game? Want to be more connected to your friends? Well, then grab your ball and pick a square. FourSquare is a new social broadcasting application that allows you to find your friends, explore the city while earning points and badges along the way. Huh? you say? Look, go check out their site. Apply it to your iPhone or Blackberry and everywhere you go just check in. You earn points and get super cool badges as you check in. You can even become "mayor" of a location if you've been there the most. I'm the mayor of 10 locations, bitches, and I don't plan to be overtaken! I'm all over the place! Some venues have set up special discounts for those that are mayors or have accumulated "points." It's a fun tool to let people know of great venues (perhaps) for Happy Hour, to let them know where you currently are so they can meet up with you, or great places to go when you're on vacation or just out and about in your own city. The app also provides you a map for all of those who get lost or refuse to stop and ask for directions, ahem, men???? So download it and add me as your friend. As you can see, I just got started but I've already unlocked several badges and trying to figure out how to unlock more while exploring and meeting new friends. I'm 2 steps ahead of you and laughing the whole way. So run and catch up! There are only about 200,000 participants so far, so as you can see, it's still brand new. Here are a lot of the badges that you can unlock:

Newbie...First check-in

Adventurer...10 check-ins to unique venues

Explorer...25 check-ins to unique venues

Superstar...50 check-ins to unique venues

Bender...Checking in 4 nights in a row

Crunked...Checking in to four or more venues in one night (after 6pm)

Local...Checking in at the same venue 3 times in 1 week

Super User...Checking in 30 times in one month

Player Please...Checking in with three members of the opposite sex

School Night...Checking in after 3am on a school night

Don't Stop Believin'...Checking in 3 times to venues tagged "karaoke"

Gym Rat...Checking in 10 times to venues tagged 'gym' in 30 days.
Overshare...10 or more check ins in 12 hours

Animal House..."Off the Wagon appreciates your business. COLLEGE!" (This may be an NYC-specific badge.)

Webby..."A wise microcelebrity once said: 'I won a Webby' is the new 'I have a website.' You may not have be named King or Queen tonight, but please accept this Webby as a token of just how special we think you are."

Douchebag...Check in to venue(s) tagged "douchebag".

Photogenic...Checking in at three places with a photo booth

Ziggy's Wagon..."Waffles and tacos and dumplings and BBQ and... looks like you've found 3 of your city's legendary food trucks. Enjoy!"

16 Candles..."Treat yourself to another cupcake – that’s 5 birthday shout outs from you!"

Babysitter..."Forget those “Bender” and “Crunked” badges – you’ve conquered the playground circuit!"

BFF..."♫ The only one for me is you, and you for me ♫ 10 check ins togeeetthhherrrr! ♫"

Engaged..."I got engaged on foursquare and here’s the badge to prove it."

Entourage..."Look at you, all checking-in with 10 of your friends in tow! Can you be any more popular?"I’m on a boat! ..."♫ This ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets / I’m on a boat, MF’er, don’t you ever forget! ♫"

JetSetter..."Hopping around the world one airport at a time… congrats on your 5th airport check in and safe travels!"

Jobs..."3 Apple Store check ins! Show this badge to the hipster at the Genius Bar to redeem your new Apple Hoverboard! (… or not)"

Pizzaiolo..."This badge is reserved only for the true pizza connoisseur: slices from 20 different pizza places. Well done!"

Road Warrior..."You’re making the world a mappier place one check in at a time!"

Super Mayor..."A special shout out for holding down 10 mayorships at once!"

Swarm..."50+ people are also checked-in here – it’s a foursquare flashmob!"

Warhol..."That sure is a nice collection of art gallery check ins (10 different galleries!)"

Zoetrope..."That brings you to 10 movie theater check ins! Now, can you pick us up a large popcorn while you’re up?"

Gossip Girl...I have no explanation for this one.

Twitter, yes, I Twitter so shut your face, defines it as:

Four·square n. a way to check-in and share your location.

There are city specific badges and also convention show specific badges. As this application takes off, there will be a lot more badges. Perhaps, eventually, you can make up your own badge for special events or your place of employment, etc. If you have some ideas for new badges or just some cool ideas, don't hesitate to pass on the information to the Foursquare guys, Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvaduri.

According to Mashable the new Blackberry app has launched joining iPhone and Android users.

So jump on the bandwagon and tell everyone you were cool before they knew it was cool to be cool. Your serve!


  1. What's your foursquare user name?

  2. Sorry, I should hae printed that if I wanted people to find me! You'll find me under iknowterri.