Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Pinwheels

I found this little gem of a project as I was looking for centerpiece ideas for a party. I thought I would share with you since it was the easiest project I have ever taken on...meaning I didn't have to drink the WHOLE bottle of wine to get through the first one!!! I do recall saying, "Take THAT Martha Stewart!" after each pinwheel was completed. Baby steps...

This simple and sweet DIY project was created by Viva L’Event, a full service wedding and gala planning company. These pinwheels are fun to make and compliment any party perfectly.

Sheets of 12″ x 12″ lightweight decorative paper
12″ wooden dowels
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Push pin
1. Begin by measuring and cutting several 6″ inch squares out of your paper.
Side note: I used 2 sheets of paper glued together so the other side wasn't just plain white, it corresponded with a color on the pattern side. I'm also delusional like that.
2.  Lay your paper pattern side down, and use your ruler to draw diagonal lines from each corner to make an “X”.
3.  Find the center of your one of the squares and mark it by poking a hole through it with your pushpin.
4.  From the center, mark one inch up, then cut along the diagonal lines from all four corners, stopping at the one inch you made.
5.  Use your pushpin to make a hole in the right hand corner of each side of the square, just to the left of the line you just cut.
6.  One by one, bring each of the four pin-holed corners to the center and stick the flower and pin through each of the four holes. Next, put the pin through the hole in the center of the square and set aside.
7 . Make a hole, using your pushpin,  1/2 inch down from the end of the dowel.
8. Next Put a drop of hot glue on the hole, and insert the pin that runs through the pinwheel center into the glue and dowel. I have this EXACT glue gun, BITCHEZ!
A special thanks to  Hilton Pittman Photography and Viva L’Event for this adorable  do-it-yourself project.
This picture sort of freaks me out due to the MAN HANDS on the woman. EEEKS! I also didn't put them in a vase with rocks, I bedazzled the hell out of a container to put all 12 in! I felt very Susie Homemaker while doing this project with the glue gun and scrapbooking paper I used. Maybe it's just my BYU days coming out in me. OMG, someone hand me a bottle of wine!!

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